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Ancilliary Services

City Wide offers a variety of Ancillary Service to be able to service all of our client's needs. Buying a rural property with a Well and Septic system we can not only inspect them but we will also educate our clients on there function and proper use to maintain them for years to come. See some black material growing on the wall, is it dirt or mould? Our inspectors are certified for mould inspections and sample to ensure you understand the true issue with the property.  Is there asbestos based material in the property we have the training and experience to know what and where to look for it. We don't upsell our service but ensure that our client are receiving the services they need to make a proper informed decision about the condition of the property that is being reviewed.  So whether you need one of our ancillary services or need to package the service with our inspection, our pricing makes these services both flexible and affordable.  

Ancillary Services Pricing

Services provided during a property inspection:

Well Flow Rate and Inspection: $100.00

Septic Functionality Inspection : $250.00

Ancillary Services Pricing

Services provided without a property inspection:

Well Flow Rate and Inspection: $250.00

Septic Functionality Inspection : $400.00

Enviromental Pricing

Visual Mould or Asbestos Inspection: $350.00

Mould Air Sample: $100.00 per sample

Mould surface sample : $100.00 per sample

Asbestos Air Sample : $300.00 per sample

Asbestos Bulk Sample : $ 75.00 per sample

Radon Testing : call or request a quote

  • All fees listed above are starting fees and may be subject to surcharges based on notice time and or mileage • All fees are subject to HST • Pricing subject to change without notice • All fees are due at the time of the inspection and are payable via Cash, Etransfer or Cheque • We do not accept any debit, tap, swipe or credit card payments. 

What We Inspect


Grading, Roof, Siding, Windows, Chimney, Gutters & Downspouts, Patios, Decks, Walkways, Driveway, Garage


Attic, Insulation, Ventilation, Walls, Ceiling, Floors, Doors, Cabinetry, Plumbing and fixtures, Electrical outlets, light and panel, HVAC furnace, boiler, heaters, in floor heating, cooling, Foundation and Structure


Our inspections are not limited to the list above, this list is designed to give you and overview of the major components that are reviewed. Additional components may also be reviewed to ensure we are providing a complete and comprehensive inspection or at the clients' request (additional charges may apply).