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Commerical Property Inspection

Buying a Commercial Property is different then buying a home or is it? The process generally is the same, you find the property, you put in your offer, your arrange for your finance and your property inspection. Not always, most time a Commercial Property inspection is never done or even thought of. Most people , if they had their way, won't buy or let their children buy be a home without an inspection so why would you buy a commercial property without an inspection. City Wide Home Inspectors have qualified Commercial Property Inspector ready to help with your commercial property inspection needs. Review for structure, HVAC , roof, electrical system and plumbing are all included as well as the use of a Thermal Imaging camera are all included in our fees as well as no destructive review for mould and asbestos and if necessary we can arrange and complete indoor Air Quality Testing ** at the time of the inspection.  Whether you are buying a mom and pop storefront, a commercial / industrial condo, a standalone  industrial or commercial building, a mix commercial residential unit or even that multi residential building we have already inspected them all and are here to help with yours.


** IAQ testing is an additional charge 


Generally commercial properties widely vary in size, configuration and use therefore we will always need to discuss the nature of the property to provide you with the most competitive quote we can. Please contact us to arrange for your free no obligation quote today.