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Buyer's Inspection

Back in the day a Home Inspection was a walk around of the house you were buying by your dad, uncle, brother, cousin, good friend basically some one who has had construction experience. They would walk around with your and point out things they didn't like or obvious deficiencies or items in need of repair with most of their attending being paid to cosmetic items or areas of the home associated with their construction experience. Today a qualified Home Inspector is trained to review  all of the mechanical and structural components of the home. We offer traditional Home Buyer's Inspections and with todays aggressive real estate market where the inspection clause has been excluded from your offer  we offer the Pre-Offer inspection where we inspect the property before your offer is submitted so you have the information (condition of the property) to submit an informed offer to purchase. Don't need the paperwork but just want a set of professional eyes to help you review the property then the Walk Through inspection is ideal, it is a complete inspection but with a verbal (nothing written) report only.

Seller's Inspection

So you have decided to sell your home whether it is to downsize or the upsize to match your current lifestyle, we all want to get the most value we can. Selling your home can be just as if not more stressful then trying to buy a home. Our Seller's are here to help reduce some of that stress and reduce if not eliminate the after offer negotiations due to a seller's Home Inspection. You will already know the condition of the property so there will be no surprises brought back by the buyer. Maybe you just want to know the condition of the property but need a written report for yourself or your agent, then a Walk Through inspection would fit the bill, full and complete inspection with only a verbal report (no written report). The Pre-Sale Inspection today, which is growing and in some markets expected,  is usually requested by the seller's agent and the written report is used as a marketing tool to reduce or eliminate buyer's home inspection clauses and or after offer negotiations and will hopefully encourage multiple offers which should yield the seller the maximum sale price for their home.   

New Home Inspection

Do you need to have your new home or condo inspected? Your warranty company allows for Pre-Delivery Inspection (which required for the builder to complete), 30 Day and Year End Inspections which allow you to report all defects to your builder for repair. Do you know what to look for? Our qualified home inspectors do. The Construction Performance Guidelines which the warranty company provides to all builders is almost 300 pages long and we review it every year to ensure that you can get the most out of your warranty and ensure the builder provides your the home you purchased and in the condition it is suppose to be in. With our warranty inspection not only do we provide you with a complete Home Inspection report we also will complete all of your warranty paperwork for your to submit to both the warranty company and your builder for repair. Condos carry most of the same Construction Performance Guidelines with some exception  for items related to common areas or similar components.  


Home Buyer's Inspection: $350.00

Pre-Offer Inspection: $300.00 **

Walk Through Inspection: $300.00 **

Condo Apartment Inspection: $300.00





Seller's Inspection: $350.00

Pre-Sale Inspection: $350.00

Walk Through Inspection: $300.00 **

Condo Apartment Inspections: $300.00





30 Day Inspection: $425.00

Year End Inspection: $425.00

Year End Inspection : $300.00
if we have already completed your 30 Day Inspection

Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI): $325.00

Condo 30 Day Inspection: $375.00

Condo Year End Inspection: $375.00

Condo Year End: $250.00
if we have already completed your 30 day inspection


For ancillary services such and Mould testing, Well or Septic inspection please see our Ancillary Services Page  ● All fees listed above are starting fees and may be subject to surcharges based on notice time, mileage, size of the property and the number of living units or kitchens. Any property with more than 3 living units would be considered a Commercial Property and should be reviewed und our Commercial Inspection page. All fees are subject to HST. Pricing subject to change without notice. ● ** Pre-Offer and Walk Through Inspections fees do not include a written report, for a written report add an additional $50.00 which can be added either at the time of the inspection or within 60 days of the inspection. All inspection fees are due at the time of the inspection and are payable via Cash, Etransfer or Cheque. We do not accept any debit, tap, swipe or credit card payments. 

What We Inspect


Grading, Roof, Siding, Windows, Chimney, Gutters & Downspouts, Patios, Decks, Walkways, Driveway, Garage


Attic, Insulation, Ventilation, Walls, Ceiling, Floors, Doors, Cabinetry, Plumbing and fixtures, Electrical outlets, light and panel, HVAC furnace, boiler, heaters, in floor heating, cooling, Foundation and Structure


Our inspections are not limited to the list above, this list is designed to give you and overview of the major components that are reviewed. Additional components may also be reviewed to ensure we are providing a complete and comprehensive inspection or at the clients' request (additional charges may apply).