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What our client's have to say

The best  compliment or testimonial your can give us is a referral to your friends or family.  Below is a list of some of the feedback we have had over the years.

"Many thanks Michael, your professionalism, customer service and communication skills made Lynn and I comfortable and secure in the fact that you gave us an honest inspection."
Sean W - Buyer

"We received the hard copy of the report yesterday.  Once again, thank you for completing the thorough inspection of the home and providing the report promptly on Sunday. We were very pleased with the service you provided."
Allan e- Buyer

"Thanks again for doing the home inspection. You are now the preferred home inspector for all Plastic Surgeons at U of T."
Dimitri A - Buyer

"Michael Fournier-reliable, extremely informative, understanding, very knowledgeable, and professional. Thank you for going over and above for us and explaining every detail making us completely comfortable in a potential purchase of the home. Michael-a definite referral to our friends and family and a fabulous home inspector in our future as well."
Natalie B - Buyer

"Very good, very open to discuss our house investment, and tell us what to expect for a house this age. thanks Mike."
Mark S. - Buyer

"Michael It was a pleasure working with you and you did a great job.  I will highly recommend you to friends and family."
David L - Buyer

"Michael Fournier was awesome, very detailed and helped us understand everything we need to know. Thanks!"
Ryan G- Buyer

"This was a very educational and worth while experience. Danny & I have owned 2 previous homes and we still learned a lot during this inspection. When we are ready to relocate/downsize we will be calling you for an inspection of our next home. Thanks again! "
Darleen A - Homeowner

"We are very satisfied with the inspection conducted by City Wide Home Inspection. As a first time home buyer, we relied most of the information we need from people who knows best and thru Mr. Evans expertise, we gain full confidence about the house we are purchasing. He has a keen eye for details and had been very informative for all our questions and concerns. Thanks and more power to your company. "
Lorraine P- Buyer

"I was immensely satisfied with the service provided for the home inspection. Michael was very thorough and is a true professional. He gave me what I was looking for - peace of mind. Thanks a million."
Shirley R - Buyer

"Mike did an excellent job going over absolutely everything inside and outside the property. He took the time and explained everything to us to the smallest detail. He played a major role in making our decision. We would definitely recommend him, and we will absolutely ask for his services again with the next home."
Ovi and Roxana- Buyer

"Thank you very much for your patience with me explaining every detail of ALL my questions and concerns. I truly appreciate all the advice you gave me. "
Linda H. - Buyer

"Michael was a very competent inspector. He had excellent knowledge in what he was doing. It was great that he also spent the time to tell us how to maintain our home to get the most out of it. My husband and I are very please that we went with City Wide Homes! Thank you very much!!!!!
Camla R.- Buyer

"Mike was running all over the place for two and half hours starting from the roof top to the crawl-place down below exactly like An Inquisitive Mouse looking for cracks and creeks in every nook and corner while clicking away one snap after another which we now seen in his beautiful report that he presented us this morning. Does every home inspector do it? We don't know. But what we do know for sure is that Mike does it all."
Biswa P.- Buyer

"I was very impressed and pleased at the work Mike did for my clients and it is a great idea that I can access the report."
Don C.- Realtor

"At these times and in an industry that push you to always be careful with whom you deal with it is so comforting and relaxing to meet Mike and get him to do the job for you. Not only that Mike gives you the comfort feeling that he is extra knowledgeable and prepared to do the thorough inspection he does, but he actually does it in more friend to friend rather than customer vendor attitude. I will for sure deal with Mike in any inspection type of work even I will seek his opinion on things that I might do to the house."
Yasser A. - Buyer

"Thank you very much for your patience with me explaining every detail of ALL my questions and concerns. I truly appreciate all the advice you gave me."
Linda H. - Buyer

"We were very satisfied with the work, reasonable price and professionalism. Will definitely recommend City Wide Home Inspectors in future."
Anna R. - Buyer

"Mike was a fantastic inspector. He took the time to explain what he was looking for, answer questions regarding any problems he saw in the home, and did not hesitate to crawl through every nook and cranny to investigate a foreseeable problem. He made sure we understood the potential problems that could arise in a home if regular maintenance wasn't done periodically. Also, both his written and verbal report on the home itself were thorough, insightful, and complete. I would not pause for a moment to recommend his great service to a friend or family member. Job well done."
Alex V- Buyer

"The inspector gave great information and was very helpful while I had questions."
Jennifer F- Buyer

"Mike was a great choice for a home inspector. He is fantastic at his job and displays it in a very professional manner. We got a great package about every detail of our new home. I would definitely recommend Mike to family and friends."
Stephanie and Matt- Buyer

"Overall I felt comfortable knowing that City Wide Home Inspectors was working on my behalf as oppose to the sellers behalf. Mike was very professional and knowledgeable."
Robert B - Buyer